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tell me another one

Aug 27 '14

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name: Jess

nickname: a significant chunk of the qsu old guard call me Deb

birthday: feb 15

gender: lady

sexuality: queer

height: 5’2” or 5’3” fuck if I can tell the difference

time zone: est

what time and date is it there: 3:50 on august 27 (aka 2 days to find an apartment!!!!)

average hours of sleep i get each night: it probably averages out to ~8 hrs but in reality I sleep anywhere from 2-6 hrs on a work night and 9-14 hrs before a day off

otps: have you seen my blog how is this even a question

the last thing i googled was: something about dark souls I’m sure

my most used phrase(s):  "eat so much shit"

first word that comes to mind: ughhhhh

what i last said to a family member: goodbye to my mother at the airport

one place that makes me happy & why: Bosie bc tea & pastries

how many blankets i sleep under: so many! 3-4 minimum even if it’s hot. I like the weight.

favourite beverage: gin for booze, banana smoothie otherwise

the last movie i watched in the cinema: idek… maybe the 2nd Hobbit movie?? it’s been a while

three things i can’t live without: internet, privacy, junk food

something i plan on learning: more game design shit

a piece of advice for all my followers: never drink a full gordon

you all have to listen to this song:

my blog(s): this is the only important one

tag: idgaf do it if you want??

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Aug 26 '14

Good night my detective…. 
/finishing some sketches done in august at cottage/


Good night my detective….


/finishing some sketches done in august at cottage/

Aug 26 '14


less romantic love more Romantic love, come grave robbing with me in a thunderstorm. 

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Aug 26 '14

Hey friends! Care for knit/crocheted garments?



Uh, hello. My name is Ayu, I’m a mixed Japanese-American enby person and I am 23 years old. I guess it was my 2014 resolution that I want to save up money this year in order to move across the U.S. with my partner in 2015 or earlier if possible. I have an okay office job in a small business, but I have school and bills to pay for. In the most ideal situation, I’d be able to save enough for living expenses for several months, as well as moving expenses. 

If you are feeling kind and wish to donate to a cause, there are many others who need that money before me. However, I am here to offer my artistic services. I have been knitting for 8 years, and crocheting for 5. I have made dozens of commissions over the course of those years, and so far I haven’t had any complaints from clients. The only things I’m not enthusiastic about making are socks and stuffed animals, though I could be convinced on the latter if it’s knit and not crocheted.

Here are my starter prices. Keep in mind that again, these are handmade, and so believe it or not, I find my prices to be quite reasonable:

  • Hats and Cowls: $20+
  • Scarves: $40+
  • Baby blankets: $40+
  • Skirts: $50+
  • Sweaters and Dresses: $80+

Children and baby clothing would be a little cheaper, but please inquire. The price will go up depending on difficulty, and there will be additional cost for the yarn if I do not already have it (I have a lot of yarn, so don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t have anything specific in mind!) pattern if I need it and it isn’t free, and shipping. (I live in the NYC area, and would be willing to meet in person for yarn shopping and delivery of the finished garment.)

I know things are pricey for the average clothes shopper, but please consider perhaps thinking of gifts for birthdays or even in advance for next Christmas!

I prefer to be contacted via email ( so please let me know if you’re interested, even if it’s just to get a quote on something you’re interested in wearing. If you’re not interested, a reblog would be most lovely. Thank you~

Hey friends, I’m bringing this post back because I’ve definitely got the spare time at the moment for lots of crafting. Since I was paying tuition up until this month, I have definitely not saved enough to try and leave New York, and in all honesty, I’m terrified that I don’t have enough to even stay in New York.

Despite all the lovely reblogs (191 notes at the time of this repost), I initially only got one note of interest from a friend overseas and it seems to have fallen short. So please, spread the word! Think about getting a special handmade gift for yourself or a loved one for the holidays! Ask me about fandom things! Homestucks, I am here for all sorts of Lalonde-knit cosplay needs! Whovians, I am aware of at least two brands of yarn that carry the colors necessary for a Baker scarf! I even managed to snag some vintage official knit/crochet patterns off the internet for Sailor Moon and Doctor Who, though both are mostly child-focused. 

Aug 26 '14

current mood:

Aug 26 '14

absolutely unbelievable that no one in this fucking city will let me pay them for a shitty bedroom

Aug 26 '14

haha so of course stoner guy screwed me over

he waited until I texted him at 9am and then responded that oh actually now his friend wants the room so he’s giving it to them


Aug 26 '14

I felt like drawing Irene today.


I felt like drawing Irene today.

Aug 26 '14

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Aug 26 '14
Tell him that the apt will be yours or he will suffer the wrath of the hounds of hell for a thousand centuries on the lake of fire. Seemed to work well on the plumber.
he was too stoned to intimidate honestly