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tell me another one

Aug 30 '14

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Aug 30 '14

ohaiena said: mine is up 4 flights of stairs.

))))): that is the worst

Aug 29 '14

moving is hellish never again I will die in this apartment

Aug 28 '14

lost 2 followers tonight I hope they were moffat fans

Aug 28 '14



all this drama with jontruns and game groops

you never hear about any drama with the Two Best Friends Zaibatsu
which makes me wonder, has there been any drama with them?

I know Matt and Pat says some risque shit sometimes and Liam is kinda eeehhhh, but they for real seem like better 

Woolie is an angel

They have made rape jokes. They use ableist slurs in some videos. A long, long, long while ago they made a transphobic joke about poison. Liam has made some jokes and some jokes have been made by other people about loli/pedophilia. However, (as a collaborative effort with some friends) I have privately messaged them and they did say that they would try to get better with the ableism and rape jokes. They seem to be past the transphobia and calmed down with the Liam jokes. They still have off jokes sometimes. However, they have never shown any negative response to being called out or requests to stop things. Depends on your definition of better.

yeah they are by no means perfect, but I think they generally respond well to criticism and being called out

Aug 28 '14











Dear STFU-Moffat and associates,

From now on, I insist you describe Steven Moffat as “Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat.” Just to make sure you’re being fair.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is a queerbaiting hack

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat’s writing features sexism and overly complicated plots that don’t really make any sense.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat has characters needlessly tell the viewer information that he should be showing them.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is incapable of creating real emotional stakes in his stories.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat calls teenage mother a ‘slut’ in DVD commentary

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat says bisexuals are too busy having sex to watch television, and therefore don’t need representing.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat thinks asexuals are too boring to write about. 

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat thinks that rather than having a female Doctor, it’s about time a man played the Queen despite the fact that men had all the roles of any kind for over 400 years.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat hasn’t had a woman writer for doctor who since Russell T. Davies

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat won an award from an entertainment industry that is to its bones highly racist, sexist, homophobic, amongst a host of other things, including being extremely resistant to change, and as a result, Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat is rewarded for being less than mediocre, incomprehensible, and offensive as fuck.

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat encourages and participates in rape culture by blaming women when men ogle them and making light of sexual assault. 

Emmy-award winning writer Steven Moffat uses every Orientalist trope under the sun and constantly dehumanises, shames and dismisses women of colour. 

Aug 28 '14



I think JonTron doesn’t understand the words coming out of his mouth

literally what

"I don’t support bigotry, I support putting those dumb bitches in their place"




I think JonTron doesn’t understand the words coming out of his mouth

literally what

"I don’t support bigotry, I support putting those dumb bitches in their place"

Aug 28 '14


Whenever I see “write one interesting fact about yourself” I immediately forget everything that I’ve done and seen ever

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Aug 28 '14


The End of Gamers




The last few weeks in videogame culture have seen a level of combativeness more marked and bitter than any beforehand.

First, a developer—a woman who makes games who has had so much piled on to her that I don’t want to perpetuate things by naming her—was the target of a harassment campaign that…

This is really strong.

OK, I am getting super annoyed with men talking about this framing the discussion as being in a history where women only recently started playing games or contributing to the industry.


It’s like figures forcing you to concede that adult women make up roughly half of gamers have just made you move it back ‘Oh, well, they didn’t used to’ or ‘They only used to play girly games/casual games’. STOP. NO. I KNOW YOU THINK YOU’RE HELPING, BUT YOU’RE NOT.

We have always been here and we have always experienced shitty levels of sexism and exclusion when we have tried to do so.

The difference is that the Intenert has made the fact that we game and talk about gaming and critique gaming and write games impossible to ignore. That is why the backlash has become so vicious. Erasure by simply acting as though we aren’t there isn’t possible anymore, so the tactics have become more direct.

Look, guys, I appreciate that you care and that you want to show your outrage (and pat each other on the back for being so powerfully outraged) but you really need to be aware of how you can still be and are perpetuating the culture that begets this.

Stop painting us as new. Stop painting us as taking someone else’s toys.  Stop pretending that the sexism of the ‘old days’ was OK, because only boys played. No. Girls played. Women played. Women have always played. The sexism was there not as some kind of natural consequence of only supplying to boys, but as a consequence of the massively sexist culture in which we still exist and in which you partake.

Aug 28 '14

notforked said: OMG. OMG. OMG did you get it??

yep! I signed the rental agreement and gave my deposit this morning. there are a few weird things about it, but overall I’m really excited to move in!